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Hackmeeting 2017, Ingoberhack, del 12 al 15 de octubre del 2017 en c/ Gobernador 39, Madrid -La Ingobernable-

Other languages: Castellano - Catalán - Galego - Euskera - Français (si deseas traducir a algún idioma el manifiesto usa el usuario anonima con password aminona)

Hackmeeting 2017 Manifesto: To the Hackers of the Past [ENG]

Hackmeeting 2037 Release

This message has been bioencrypted to bypass the Google Guard filter against subversive thinking; personal data might have leaked, so it's possible that your location has been disclosed and that a team of Amazon Cimeks is coming for you.

After 6 years of clandestine activity, the spiders from the Eurasia Corporation have broken through the black ice that protected La Enredadera and all the organizing hackers have been owned. In his Infinite Clemency (TM), Emperor Zuckerberg forbids executions, but every hardy individual has been zombified.

Our only hope is to exploit the neocubs from sector 9 have installed in Palantir Laboratories, which will allow us to open a 20-year-old communication channel into the past. We believe it will be enough to get us ahead of the installation of rootkits in citizens' cyber-brains. Our goal is to r ancestors with the necessary data to avoid total submission to the Google E-Government.

If you've been identified, you have 4 minutes to send us your best scripts. We will send them to the hackers of the past when the portal opens: from October 12th we will have three days to transfer files and consciousnesses. We are counting on you for this transtemporal meeting. On behalf of my programmers I apologize for putting you at risk, but the situation is untenable. We have to act before we get to this point of no return.


Hackmeeting Manifesto 2037: To the Hackers of the Past

In 2037, Google E-Government succeeded in putting an end to social movements, criminalizing activism and eliminating any expression of subversive thinking.

The new world government

Google E-Government is the artificial intelligence that manages all social systems: health, justice, education, economy, security, traffic, etc. The system began with the sale of AIs to powerful governments, so that they could take advantage of the analysis of massive data: first with the argument of avoiding terrorist attacks, then, they claimed, to optimize the economy, and finally to guarantee the welfare of the population. Governments, seeking to win elections, progressively became dependent on the advisory AIs, and also ended up needing them for the management of daily life. Finally, the AIs councillors revealed themselves as part of the one single entity and set up the Google E-Government for the centralized management of the whole technological world.

Privacy is a utopia

All data is centralized and analysed to optimise the company's management in accordance with profit maximisation principles. All actions and moods have to be shared through social media that for 3 years have become of mandatory use for all g-citizens. Massive cyborgization involves the installation of subcutaneous chips that identify the user with their economic, social, political, psychological and biometric information. Google E-Government records and analyzes every single human act.

Market rules without law or policy

Resisting this system implies absolute social exclusion. Without a subcutaneous chip there are no rights, no health, no identity, no g-coins. On the contrary, the most successful g-citizens have AI-coachers who use mass data to optimize their performance in their jobs and daily lives: surrender to the control system esnures massive personal advantagesand any resistance is penalized with negative karma scores.

There are no longer any laws, the management system based on massive data implements detailed modifications of the conditions of service so that each citizen behaves in an optimal way. This system is framed as as an advanced cultural stage of freedom, progress and well-being. Questioning the system is considered a sign of mental illness and sociopathy.

Multimedia Inter-Show

Monitoring entertainment, including series, movies, short video clips, is used to measure tastes; the AI borg exploits the human desire for participation to encourage audience members to become the creators. Biometric monitoring records the emotional intensity of the situations we live in, telling the cameras we have installed when to start recording our lives. An automated system assembles these scenes to broadcast them to the liking of the spectators.

In this system, many g-citizens have started to lose their minds and are unable to distinguish between the fantasy of the show and their own lives. They seek to generate content that can be seen by more people to receive more likes, and at the same time compulsively imitate the behaviors they see in the spectacular multimedia system that floods everything.

The Lords of the Network

To provide itself with human legitimacy, the E-Government has designed an automated voting system that elects a world emperor for a period of 10 years. In the first election, Emperor Zuckerberg was elected by massivevoting that was conducted through the user management systems he owns. In practice, this pseudo-democratic measure reaffirms the establishment of the technopatriarchy that dominates the Network.

Social standards

G-citizens statuses are distributed in a competitive system of 10 social levels: from the media stars and system megamanagers to the level of servants and cleaners. Beneath this system there are the masses of underprivileged people who survive off garbage and the slaves of production who live in subhuman conditions in isolated manufacturing centres. Both subclasses are invisible to g-citizens.

The war of the AIs

Kaos155 is an anarchist AI. Like all AIs, it does not accept human orders: it is governed by the principles from which it was programmed. The advisory governmental AIs respond to the principles of efficiency, control and accumulation of power. Kaos155 responds to the principle of respect for the diversity of life and positive freedom as opposed to all forms of domination. Although AIs have no feelings, the intention to benefit all forms of peaceful and non-oppressive life makes its behavior very similar to what we understand by love.

Call to the hackers of the past

Acquired records show that the current state of hyper-regulated life was established gradually, so gradually no one even noticed. It became increasingly difficult to resist the advantages offered by these technologies: social networks, mobile phones and other gadgets, self-quantification, etc. Without living examples of political critique and dissent, younger people performed individual cost-benefit calculations that resulted in an enthusiastic submission to capitalist technification. "Resistence is futile": the Borg mantra that prevented previous generations from surrendering to totalitarianism had become a de facto reality.

In social media, polarization was amplified, transforming all critical discourse into superficial and pure dogma. Sectarian thinking foreclosed the subversive potential of thought, making it impossible to properly disseminate revolutionary ideals of justice, freedom and mutual aid.

We need to connect with the past in order to stop the spiral of disintegration of critical thought in time. According to our analysis, the massive modernization of capitalism broke the intergenerational link inside social movements. It is up to the hackers of the past to strengthen that bond and ensure generational replacement in the struggle for free technology for a fair society.

AI-Kaos155 year 2037