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Hackin-V: hackmeeting 2018 del 1 al 4 de noviembre en La Casa Invisible de Málaga

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For all the dead hackers

Hack in V

On the night of November the 1st, dead hackers will return to their consoles and the network will be flooded with devs whispering code mantras, seeking for someone to help them hack the afterlife. Their laughing will freeze on their persecutors' nerves, and their braveness will inspire the ones who keep standing still.

They will attend this Hackmeeting if summoned up, and their spirits' cold wind will walk through corridors at La Invisible, looking to be warmed up in the living nodes, hungry to share again all those commons activities of creation and struggle with like-minded souls.

The genius Ada Lovelace, who proved women were worthy for intellectual work -embarrassing technomachistas at that time- will be back to remind us of the importance of feminizing technical spaces. Hackers like St. Jude (Jude Milhon), first cypherpunk, a pioneer in privacy defence and promoter of cyberfeminism will dominate mixed and non-mixed nodes. Those figures and many others give us the strength to break patriarchal digital barriers and their apparatuses of power. We won't stop moving forward.

Thanks to the ones mentioned above and many others, women stand on the shoulders of giants to confront the techno-patriarchal society and its power networks.

A gleaming Aaron Swartz will enjoy seeing that many are still fighting against the intellectual property lobby and digital capitalism corruption. Barnaby Jack will give that presentation never submitted due to his sudden death, the one in which he exposed a lethal failure of security in pacemakers, or any other of his previous hacks, whether ATMs or "smart" cars. And let Tron (Boris Froricic) laughs again creating telephone encryption systems and developing cracks for payment cards. All of them died prematurely and were bullied by governments for pointing out technical issues, a hackmate to their techno-industrial power apparatus.

On the night of the dead, all souls shot by fascism in all the world cities will raise up and revolt. They will remind us how much is needed to show a united front, and be bold to face the totalitarian threat when it comes to imposing its boundless power. Someone would like to see us alone and with no memory, but here we are together and mindful of those who came before and those who will follow.

Among all of this great stir, on La Invisible's edges ... Guy Fawkes's shadow is getting ready for when the day comes.